Minimal Wares was a passion project of mine. I wanted to create a website with a collection of products I have used along with products that I want to try out in the future. For the logo I went with a very striking design with straight lines that form many hidden m’s and w’s. I thought about changing the logo to something more bubbly/friendly but ultimately kept it striking as it matched the design of the website nicely.
I kept the website from having user submissions, overlay ads, video ads, and sponsored products. Initially I was going to put the price and name of the products along with a description but I ended up using this as an opportunity to learn how to link WooComerce, Amazon, and the WZone Affiliates Plugin to load products onto the WordPress site from Amazon which would then forward visitors to Amazon. This allowed me to monetize the website through affiliate links and kept the whole website looking nice and clean. I would create a thumbnail for every product to make sure everything on the website looked like it belonged and, more importantly, matched the overall look of the site.
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