Carventurri was a website I created in order to learn more about Wordpress theme modifications. In this project, the idea was to create a company that would make dealership visits easier for those that are looking to test drive numerous vehicles before deciding on one. 

Problem: Dealerships like to hold customers hostage and want to sell a car there and now. This type of salesmanship leads many people to avoiding dealerships entirely or just never going back to that particular dealership. This has caused companies like Carvana, Carmax, and Tred to grow in popularity. 

Solution: A website that allows a prospective car buyer to easily select the cars they want and schedule as many test drives as they want from one place. Those who schedule through the site would be guaranteed to have zero buying pressure when going to dealership. The prospective car buyer would also not have to find the particular sites to every dealership to schedule test drives. This all simplifies the car buying and test-driving process thus making it more approachable than what it is today. 
The logo went through numerous variations and ultimately ended on a slick shape that mimics that of a road. While it might seem like a stretch, the proportions of the logo were made like that to look like it has the letters "C" "A" and "R" hidden in it. The name of the company came from a combination of the words - Car, Adventure, and Potpourri. 
As seen above, the site is simple and clean. Large images, titles, and numbers made everything easy to see and approachable. Every car page would have review videos pricing, features, a spec sheet, and an easy form to book a test drive at your local dealership. Below is a tour video of the website...
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